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Transfer Cine to DVD

Transfer Cine to DVD

Price per minute 1.00


Simple honest Pricing: £1 per minute of domestic film (Super 8, 8mm, 16mm) film transferred to DVD

Eg 10 reels of 4 minute films = £40 (10 x 4 minutes = 40 mins x £1 = £40)

The minimum order is £25 and the minimum transfer is 25 minutes, if your films are less than 25 mins then still put '25' in the Quantity box.

(Have rare 9.5mm format? The price is £2 per minute eg 60 mins cost £120 ie you put 120 in the QUANTITY field)

Calculate the film running time >>>

Notes / How many reels ? (doesn't affect price)

Optional Extra's:

1. Film Enhancement
2. Extra DVD Copies
4. We collect your films
5. Custom Printed DVD eg Jones Family 1962
6. 8mm Film Transfer Background Music
7. Screen Titles e.g. The End !

How to Order Film Transfer

How to Order Film Transfer

Ordering is so Easy !

• Free Delivery: ! Note prices are plus VAT

• All Films: 8mm to DVD, Super8 to DVD, 16mm to DVD, 9.5mm to DVD

• Fast Service: Average just 4 days with a max of 10 days or it's FREE!

Remember that we offer: Cine to AVI ideal for Editing and Cine to Video eg VHS, Mini-DV, DVCAM, Betacam etc

You can place your order online then print it off and send it in with your movie films. Alternatively you can visit our Bristol Studios or you can phone through your order.

1. Order Online or Call us or Visit us personally

2. To Order Online simply put the number of minutes in the Quantity box and click Add to Cart

3. Now Add any other extras you'd like eg. More Copies, Image Enhancement, Adding music to silent films, Add Titles to your movie.

4. Then click Checkout and complete the payment process as instructed on screen. You may pay by credit/debit card, cheque or PayPal.

5. Finally Print off your order and send a signed copy to us with your films to Cine to DVD, Portland Studios, 21 Portland Square, City Centre, Bristol BS2 8SJ or for a small fee we can collect your precious films from anywhere (UK mainland)

Confused ? We take orders over the phone and can provide you a quote in minutes.

FREE Extra's

FREE Extra's

1. Any Cine Reels: There's no additional fee for differing reel sizes, speeds or types eg 8mm, Super8, 16mm

2. Sound Transfers: If you have audio clips on your Cine film we will capture, filter, digitise and record it back onto your DVD movies (Super8 to DVD usually has audio and 8mm is silent)

3. Image Cropping: Most Cine films have a dark fuzzy frame around the edge, we crop this out (zoom in just a littlle to push the fuzzy black frame out of view) Concerned about cropping? See our Technical Page.

4. Unrestricted Play: We do not charge extra to play your discs in other countries. Our DVDs are PAL region zero this means they will play anywhere in the PAL world

5. Speed Correction: We carefully check each film manually, adjusting playback speed. This is because sometimes movies are filmed with different speeds on different film cameras. Unlike others we never respool your films onto one big reel, press a button and go.

6. Editing out Blank Portions: Occasionally all your film is not used up and your have a blank bit at the end. Therefore our technicians monitor all your movie and stop it at the best point. You will not find any large blank areas in your DVDs or Videos.

7. Recorded in any Sequence: If you prefer your films transferred in a specific order then simply bundle them into similar types and number them. We don't charge extra

8. Movie Chapter Points: We digitally encode these on your DVD so that you can press fast forward or skip huge areas whilst watching on your TV using your DVD players remote control device.

9. Back Up DVD Copies: We keep back-up copies of your DVD in our extensive library. If you ever loose your Cine Films or DVD's we can make more.

10. Lifetime Guarantee: Your DVDs are copied onto Professional stock backed with a Lifetime Guarantee not to fail under normal useage.

Why our films have no Flicker

Why our films have no Flicker

A Bulk of cine film conversion firms on the internet are work from home traders who just project your old movie film onto a wall and then video it off with a video camera. With all good intents, the consequences are nevertheless poor with washy blurred footage.

The greatest problem with transferring cine films is synchronisation and thus the avoidance of flicker. Most old movie projectors have varying speeds as the film is exposed at a rate of 18 to 24 fps (frames per second). A frame is basically a single picture. However TV is 25 frames per second. Here lies the problem the frame rate of your cine film doesn't match the frame rate of TV. Therefore it misses frames and thus flickers a little like an old Charlie Chaplin movie.

How to eradicate film flicker?

Let's review the 3 main methods:

1. Employing a variable speed projector and try to ''match up'' the speed, it never works.

2. Run the film through filters on a computer with fancy electronics and MPEG encoders and attempt to adjust it there. Such manipulation degrades the quality and the film just doesn't look natural.

3. Project the film and video it off a wall then put the video into an all-in-one Video to DVD machine. It still flickers!

There is a huge array of cheap and expensive machines all purporting to reduce this flicker. Some of them work, however with such manipulation any detail left is lost for ever as these type of machines compress MPEG and digitise at one set low rate.

We have stacks of Documentary evidence to prove none of these methods work. We use a proprietary based system which is a closely guarded secret and the envy of our competitors. This system produces top quality, flicker free film transfers which are a pleasure to watch with rich colour, contrast and crisp sharp detail. You can clearly see the faces in our films.

Customer Review of Cine to DVD

Here are some quotes from customers who had either 8mm or uper 8 cine film transferred to DVD. Please see our Testimonials to see if somebody had cine films to DVD in your area.

16mm film transfer -
"I'm pleased to say it's our 3rd transfer with you ... the whole family has got their films converted"
Cath Polanski - Manchester

8mm film transfer -
"I received my DVD of cine reels today, and I would just like to say thank you. I am delighted with the result, and with the service. Your service has been everything that the website promises. And the price for copying cine reels was surprisingly reasonable. Thanks again"
TJK Mooney - London

8mm film transfer -
"I am very happy with the service you provided and although I haven’t watched all the DVD’s yet, the ones I have look great and it is such a relief to know that the very old bits of film that have been sitting in a box for so many years can now be easily viewed. I would have no hesitation in recommending your company and will definitely use you again."
S. Wright - Essex

Super 8mm film transfer -
"My first experience has been excellent. I decided to drop my cine film in for transfer to DVD personally. I was astonished when I was rung no more than 3 hrs after drop off to say that the transfer was complete. The transfer is better than expected and the price and service exceptional Well done on an exceptional service & very efficient, personal customer services. Thanks"
William Morgan Jones - Sussex

See more quotes ....

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"good quality and fast ..."
P. York in London

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B. Rickton in Manchester

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M. Jones in Cardiff

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H. Wright in Birmingham

"thanks for bringing all those memories back to life"
S. Johnston in Scotland